UZD is an Istanbul (Turkiye) based boutique management consulting company. UZD is specialized in environmental, health and safety aspects of sustainability.

As focus on occupational health and safety is getting an increasing attention these days, our main objective is to satisfy the needs for knowledge of those who are decisonmakers regarding this subject.

We believe that it is the duty of experts to reach right and lasting solutions regarding people, environmental and tangible assets, to follow progress in accordance with the changing technology and to ensure compliance to legal framework while doing these.

Experts within UZD Environment and Safety Consultancy Company have more than ten years experience and background knowledge on environment, health and safety. Our personnel is able to provide a series of services including identification of gaps, evaluation of existing practices, suggestions for improvement and training.

UZD Environment and Safety Consultancy Company provides service to organizations such as industrial organizations, SMEs, stores and hospitals during their studies on sustainability, environment, health and safety.

We are ready to serve for a safe future in a clean environment.



UZD Environment and Safety Consultancy Company is a member of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Community and support the mission of the GRI to empower decisions that create social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone.